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University Lecture on Civility


I·CARE Book Festival


The Way of the University: Halt comes stillness. Stillness comes tranquility. Tranquility comes peace of mind. Peace of mind comes thoughtfulness. Thoughtfulness comes inspiration. 


On this March, let’s immerse in the world of books. Let them be our home and our food. Allow them to enlighten and befriend. Share, read, talk, turn, hear, watch…you name it for the pages.


Let’s not care about how the world goes around. A new horizon will come when the pages are turned. That, ICARE - Reading Craze guarantees.

University Lecture on Civility


University Lecture on Civility is an annual programme comprising of a public lecture and 3-4 public forums.  The objective is to bring in scholars, artists and public figures in this region to CUHK to share their views on civility and value system to our staff and students, as well as other interested parties in the public.

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