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University Lecture on Civility


I·CARE Salon


I·CARE Salon is an iconic programme under the University Lecture on Civility which promotes reflective thinking on different topics.  Through organising a series of seminars, participants will be able to exchange insights on significant academic, cultural and social issues.

I·CARE Theatre

thumbnail_I.CARE Theatre_2018.jpg

WHILE dimness and inanition makes you feel lonesome and helpless,

you may choose exercising your outsight.


WHILE you pay closer attention to your surroundings,

you will definitely find that:

the beauties……is just round the corner!

University Lecture on Civility


The University Lecture on Civility (ULC) is an overwhelmingly received event which has been rolled out for seven years.  We are privileged to have Professor Lung Yingtai, a renowned Taiwanese writer, as the speaker of ULC this year.  As suggested by the title "The 13 Things Learnt from the Adventure of a Perplexing Youth", Professor Lung will share her views of the period from adolescence to adulthood with us.

Other Activities


Jointly organised by this Centre and MLH Youth Cultural & Educational Foundation, and supported by Renaissance Foundation, the Screening and Debriefing Session of Documentary, The 17th Journey of Compassion*, will be held on 23 March. The Co-Directors of the documentary, Mr. Kwan Pun-leung and Ms. Clara Choi**, were invited to join the debriefing session to share their thoughts of filming the documentary. They would also discuss the meaning of life and explore the spiritual side with participants.

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