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University Lecture on Civility


I·CARE Book Festival


In books we embark on a journey to the unfathomed past, we see into Heaven and Earth, we multiply our mobility, we live another existence.


Reading is voyaging through time and space. In the warmth of spring in March, we are all time travellers.

I·CARE Salon


I·CARE Salon is an iconic programme under the University Lecture on Civility which promotes reflective thinking on different topics.  Through organising a series of seminars, participants will be able to exchange insights on significant academic, cultural and social issues.

I·CARE Theatre


The I·CARE Theatre, co-organised by this Centre and The Office of the Arts Administrator, has scheduled a series of selected films will be screened in 2018-2019.

University Lecture on Civility


Imagine the next economy where knowledge has no boundaries: we share, we collaborate, and we combat resource scarcity to assemble our own lives and to attain self-sufficiency.


Sounds impossible? Not really.

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