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University Lecture on Civility


I·CARE Salon

ULC_ICARE Salon_18th Session.png

I·CARE Salon is an iconic programme under the University Lecture on Civility which promotes reflective thinking on different topics.  Through organising a series of seminars, participants will be able to exchange insights on significant academic, cultural and social issues.

I·CARE Theatre

ICARE Theatre 2019-20.jpg

Organised by this Centre and with the support of The Office of the Arts Administrator, the I·CARE Theatre is presenting to you a fine selection of films in three consecutive months starting from September 2019.  These films include After the Storm; The Lives of Others; and Cloud Atlas.  Each of the screenings will be followed by post-screening discussion.


The films feature different problems faced by the protagonists - family, love, integrity, justice.  The decision of an individual may always affect others, or the society at large.  How to make the right choice?  These films may bring about some inspiration.

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