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University Lecture on Civility


I·CARE Salon

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I·CARE Salon is an iconic programme under the University Lecture on Civility which promotes reflective thinking on different topics.  Through organising a series of seminars, participants will be able to exchange insights on significant academic, cultural and social issues.

I·CARE Theatre

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Organised by this Centre and supported by The Office of the Arts Administrator, the I·CARE Theatre will arrange screening of selected international films in the first term of this academic year.  Starting from September 2022, there will be a monthly screening of: Drive My Car, The Book Thief and Portrait of a Lady on Fire.

Mobile I·CARE - Small-group Reunion

Small-group Reunion Poster_V2-02.jpg

The versatility and pliancy evinced by “Mobile I·CARE” help us respond to the constant changes.


Let’s while away to imagine the future, and savour life in the world filled with uncertainty!

I·CARE Book Festival

5th Book Fest_icon.png

A gale does not blow the whole morning, nor does a downpour last the whole day.  In stormy times, we read.  On sunny days, we read.  We read, in company and in solitude.  In reading we explore the authors’ inner world, and open up our own.

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